White Granite Watering Rock

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Watering Rocks will water where you can't and when you can't because of your busy schedule. These durable rocks provide an attractive 5-gallon water source to serve as an automatic portable drip irrigation system for up to 3 days without electricity. Fill it from the easily accessible hole located on the top of the rock, add some additives if you choose, and your work is done. The rock will do the rest. They provide continuous drip irrigation for plants, gardens, and other areas that need additional and more thorough watering. Watering Rocks allow the soil time to absorb the water better. Your plants will love you. This helpful watering tool can also be used to keep your pet's water bowl and your yard's birdbaths full. 

Includes White Granite Watering Rock, 15 feet 1/4 drip line, 6 adjustable drippers, 5 T-barbs, 2 threaded barbs, 2 line stakes, directions.

Measures: 16W x 14L x 12H

* A Watering Rock Product