Silicone Collapsible Measuring Cup / Spoon Set

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No need to keep finding space for your measuring cups. Let's face it they can be a bit bulky. Organize your cabinets by making room with these brightly colored cups. Not only will these collapsible measuring cups help you make your favorite dishes but once washed you can tuck them away neatly and take up less space. 

Includes: 4 cups, 4 spoons

1c (250ml), 1/2c (125ml), 1/3c (80ml), 1/4c (60ml)

1T (15ml), 1tsp (5ml), 1/2tsp (2.5ml), 1/4tsp (1.25ml)



Wash before use.

Best practice not to use sharp or metal utensils to avoid damage.   

Do not use in microwave.

Dishwasher safe.

Material: Silicone