Cedarwood Essential Oil

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The soft, purifying scent of the HoMedics Cedarwood Essential Oil transports you back to that secluded campsite along the riverbanks. Calm your senses and ground your mind by simply adding 5 to 7 drops to your essential oil diffuser. Use it when the noises around you seem to be growing louder and you just need a break. For topical use, first dilute it with a carrier oil.

  • Brings the outdoors in with a refreshing and invigorating aroma
  • Sharp, sweet and refreshingly woody with an airy, earthy undertone
  • Clean and crisp with hints of balsam
  • Brings comforting and calming effect in any space for balancing, purifying, and cleansing
  • Therapeutic quality for a beneficial experience
  • Oil is sealed in a darkened glass bottle to protect quality
  • Bottled with care exclusively in the USA
  • 15 ml (.5 oz.)

* A HoMedics Product